Valentine Wolly

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Valentine Nazarian Wolly
Washington, D.C. - United States



I am the product of two cultures–born in Iran and raised in the United States since the age of seven. I grew up in New York City, where I enjoyed the sociability and warmth of a large family in a closely-knit Iranian community. I received my undergraduate degree from Queens College and moved to the Washington, DC area where I received my Master of Fine Arts from The George Washington University.

My work centers on connections, interactions, and relationships between figures, objects and environments. My figurative themes are often based in public places—city streets, office/studio spaces, museums, airports, train stations. Reflection, repetition and pattern are recurring elements in a large body of my work. Whatever the subject matter, my primary objective is to capture the essence of a moment in time rather than every detail. The “subject” may or may not be recognizable; the true subject is the beauty of the combination of movement, color, shape and form.

I currently live and paint in Maryland.