Teruko Wilde

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Teruko Wilde
El Prado, New Mexico- United States




My formidable years were spent in a small town in the foothills of a mountain, in Japan. My love for nature was seeded from those early years. Even though the landscape in New Mexico is very different from that small town in Japan the peace and spirituality from my childhood memories resides here in Taos. Since arriving in New Mexico almost 27 years ago, my style has progressed, most recently into a semi abstract format, utilizing drip techniques in oil that form into the representation of mountain tree trunks and other recognizable parts of the landscape. My memories and spiritual feeling of a location are the goal, culminating in an impression...my impression of a place rather than an accurate interpretation of the land. Growth in technique and spiritual awareness are leading me more and more towards a fully abstracted view of the world, always influenced by that initial childhood appreciation of the seasons and landscape we live in. Autumn colors and the peaceful yet spirited feeling of winter, and the comfort of the constant and predictability of the changing of the seasons will always be my inspiration and challenge.


Teruko Wilde was born in Nagoya, Japan, moving to the United States as a teenager she studied at the University of Cincinnati and Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio. An award-winning artist, Ms. Wilde has had numerous one-person and group shows. She initially established herself as a prominent pastel and watercolor artist before moving to Taos in 1986. Expansive southwestern skies, approaching storms, and moody sunsets, describe the colorful oil paintings of Teruko Wilde, which became known as her 'Southwest Series' for more than a decade.

Currently, the artist is combining all of her life experiences into multiple styles and techniques. 'The artist must be true to herself in the act of creativity', states Wilde whose work is the culmination of her Japanese heritage and American experiences. Recreating both emotional as well as physical elements from her surroundings with overlays of color creating texture and intriguing shapes as past and present merge, the viewer is constantly moved by her work.

Wilde is listed in 'Who's Who in America', 'Who's Who in the West', 'The International Directory of Distinguished Leadership', 'The Dictionary of International Biography', 'Two Thousand Notable American Women', and 'Woman of the Year'.


2012 Exhibit at Peoria Riverfront Museum
2012 Taos Cotemporary - invitational - Center for visual Art, Denver, Co.
2012 Three Woman Show, Total Arts Gallery, Taos NM
2011 Group Miniature Show, Total Arts Gallery, Taos, NM
2010 Group Miniature Show, Total Arts Gallery, Taos, NM
2010 One-Person Show, Modern Masters Gallery, Sedona, AZ
2010 Three Women Show, Total Arts Gallery, Tao, NM
2009 One-Person Show, Total Arts Gallery, Taos, NM
2007 One-Person Show, Total Arts Gallery, Taos, NM
2006-2009 Invitational Fall Arts Festival, Living Masters, Taos, NM
2006 Group Show, Napua Gallery, Maui, Hawaii
2005 International Show, Artesia Shanghai
2005 Exhibition, Shanghai Spring Hanmo Gallery, Shanghai, China
2005 One-Person Show, Art Forte Gallery, Seattle, WA
2005 Two-Person Show, Total Arts Gallery, Taos, NM
2005 Group Invitational, Emhaus Art, London, England
2005 Group Invitational, Shanghai Art Salon,  with Shanghai Art Museum, China
2004 One Person Show, Vanier Gallery, Tuscan, AZ.
2004 One Person Show, Art Forte Gallery, Kirkland, WA.
2003 One Person Show, Total Arts Gallery, Taos, NM.
2003 Two Person Show, Schere Gallery, Sedona, AZ.
2002 One Person Show, Art Forte Gallery, Kirkland, WA.
2002 One Person Show, Johnson of Madrid, NM.
2001 Two Person Show, Total Arts Gallery, Taos, NM
2000 One Person Show, Vanier Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ.
2000 One Person Show, Da'Damo/Hill Gallery, Seattle, WA.
1999 Special Guest Artist, American Woman Artist Exhibition, NM
1999 Two Person Show, Vanier Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ.
1998 One Person Show, Total Arts Gallery, Taos, NM
1997 One Person Show, Contemporary SW Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
1997"Best of Taos", Taos Art Association, NM
1996 One Person Show, Contemporary Southwest Gallery, NM
1996 Art in the Embassies, Thailand
1995 Group Invitational, Sydney, Australia
1995 Two Person Show, Total Arts Gallery, Taos, NM
1994 Two Person Show, Third Canyon Gallery, Denver, Co.
1994 Music From Angel Fire Poster and Cover Artist
1994 "Contemporary Landscape" Invitational, Taos Art Assn., NM
1992 Two Person Show, Total Arts Gallery, Taos, NM
1992-2006 Taos Fall Arts Invitational,"Taos Invites Taos"
1992-93 - Taos Spring Arts Invitational
1989 "Spirit of Taos, and Taos Today Show,NM
1987 One Person Show, Norwalk Gallery, Norwalk, Ohio
1987 Group Invitational Show, Mansfield Art Center, Ohio
1982 Group Invitational, Cleveland, Ohio
1979 One Person Show, Mansfield Art Center, Ohio
1978 May Show, Toledo Museum of Art,Toledo, Ohio
1977 Two-Person Show, Center Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio
1977 Midsummer Show, Butler Institute, Youngstown, Ohio
1976 Tri-State show, Cincinnati, Ohio
1976 Main Stream, Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio


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