Terry Willis

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Terry Willis
Price, Utah - United States




Iowa native, Terry Willis has been drawn to painting since 1974. In 1975, she joined the Navy and rendered landscapes and seascapes of duty stations on both coasts and in Iceland.

Most of this early work has been sold and is no longer available. As a self taught artist, her style has evolved and progressed.

Terry located to Utah and the Colorado Plateau in 1980. Here she was moved by the rugged canyons, peace and solitude found in the wild canyons.

Working as a professional river guide, she shared these places with her clients,
seeing first hand how a little desolation and solitude can change peoples lives.

Terry brings this passion for place to her paintings. Painting what she sees, she captures a moment as light and shadow play across canyons, rivers and ridges. In each creation she strives to capture the feeling of being alone and at peace in an incredible but real place. Viewing her paintings is like a little respite in the wilderness.

Terry also sees her work as preserving a piece of remote, wild and little known landscapes. Many of her paintings are in areas under threat of development.

Terry works and plays in Price, Utah; living with her husband, two grandchildren and one large dog. Together they enjoy exploring the wild country of the Colorado Plateau and beyond.

Willis also does glass etching, Metal work, and wood carving. She was awarded the contract for the Price City Dino-Mine Park sign in 2007.


2009  "Sun Advocate" Expanding Horizens; trek into big time, Jan 13
          "Sun Advocate" Dino-Mine Play Groud Continues to grow, Jun 24
2007  "Sun Advocate" Main Street Gallery photo, May 24


2012  Contemporary Art and Design, "Beautiful Utah", Feb
2011  Wohlers Gallery, Oct
          Helper Mining & Railroad Museum Exhibition, Solo Show, June- August
          Contemporary Design & Art Gallery, "Landscape Artists", Salt Lake City, UT
          Wohlers Art Gallery, Sandy UT- featured artist in November
2010  Helper Mining & Railroad Museum Exhibition June
          Price Museum, July
2009  Soroptimist Women's Art Show
          Price City Museum local Artists, Jan-Apr
          Utah Landscapes in 15 Styles-Contemporay Art and Design, Jan-Feb
          Contemporary Art and Design (all works will be on display), Oct
2008  Soroptimist Women's Art Show
          Las Vegas SOLO, Oct
          SL Art and Antique Show, Oct
2007  Soroptimist Women's Art Show, Nov
          Utah Travel Bureau State-wide Convention, Aug
          Artist on Main Street Price UT Gallery walk, May


Tony Basso  Private Collection
Gary Gracko Private Collection


Artwork Network, 878 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204
Contemporary Design and Art Gallery, 127 S Main, Salt Lake City, UT    
Wohlers Art Gallery, 8676 S 1300 E, Sandy, UT 84094


Commissions available. Several pieces listed in the sold section are commissioned.