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Gift Certificates

Q:  What amounts are available?

A:  Any amount!  These are created on a per-customer basis, so we really mean ANY amount.  $156.42?  You got it!

Q:  Do you mail the gift certificate to me or to the giftee?
A:  It's up to you!  We recommend having it delivered directly to you, so you can hand deliver the certificate and see their elation first hand.  However, we are more than happy to mail the certificate anywhere.

Q:  Can I customize the look of my gift certificate?
A:  You are welcome to request any color to use as the "highlight" color (red is the default), though the certificate envelope is only available in black.

Q:  How much do you charge for shipping?
A:  We will mail your gift certificate for free via standard USPS delivery.

Q:  How quickly can I get the gift certificate?
A:  As gift certificates are created on a per-customer basis to allow for maximal customization, please allow for turnaround of up to three business days before it's put in the mail.  HOWEVER, if you are in a rush, we are happy to expedite our process, though we may receive a small additional charge for special delivery.

Q:  Can I give Artist Membership as a gift?
A:  Unfortunately no.  Since we jury in our artists, we don't want to risk letting your giftee down if their artwork is not quite right for our market.  HOWEVER, if you'd like to gift an existing member with additional membership time, we can probably help you out.

Q:  Is the gift certificate good for other Artwork Network services?
A:  Yes!  Feel free to use your gift certificate towards the purchase of art consulting, framing, event rental, installation, wall or studio rental, business art rotation, art photography (for artists), or brokerage listings.

Art Registry

Q:  Are there any pieces excluded from Art Registry services?
A:  No!  You may include any artwork you would like.

Q:  Will you hold the artwork in my Art Registry?
A:  No, we cannot hold any artwork, unless a payment has been made.  We operate on a first-come, first-served basis.  If a piece from your registry sells outside your party, we will notify you and remove it from your options so none of your guests attempt to buy it for you.  You are welcome to replace a sold piece with something else.

Q:  Is there a limit of how many pieces in can register?
A:  No.  Register 1 or 100 - it is up to you.

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