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Artist Membership

Q: If I become a member, can you guarantee that my work will be displayed in the gallery?

A: Artist Membership allows you to have the opportunity to exhibit in our space.  This is not, however, a guaranteed part of membership, and it requires a well thought out proposal and possibly a presale of artwork.  We are a bit different than the traditional gallery – the walls are only second fiddle to the content on our website.  If you are dead set on hanging in our gallery space, there are options! There is monthly wall rental in our Underground Studios (just down the stairs from our main space), or if you want to go big, you can rent the gallery for a one night exhibition, creating a fantastic art event all your own.

Q:  What does my membership fee pay for?
A:  It pays for us to host images on our website including the cost to load images and maintain content, as well as to give you constant access to marketing tools. The membership fee also allows for stability in a notoriously unstable market.  (Free sites can disappear at any point in time, rendering all the time and effort you put in to them null!)  Any other opportunities that result from being an artist member are purely icing on the cake and should certainly be prepared for, but not expected.

Q:  What is the benefit of using Artwork Network as my sole website?
A: The value is in our labor, knowledge, existing connections and proven traffic statistics.  If you were to build, maintain and market your own website the costs would be much higher than our little monthly membership fee. We do it all for you and already have an ever growing amount of visitors to our website, subscribers to our newsletter, fans and followers on social networking sites.

Q: What if I already have my own website?
A: You can certainly use us as an additional web presence.  We already have traffic and will help drive that traffic to your site. We have members whose traffic to their personal website went up by as much as 30% as a result of linking through Artwork Network.

Q: Am I allowed to exhibit my artwork in other galleries (online or store front)?
A: YES!  We are 100% non-exclusive.  We are here to help you market and sell your artwork, not hinder you in any way.  We encourage you to explore any creative outlet you can find!

Q: Will my work sell?
A: Maybe, maybe not. Like any marketing effort, nothing is guaranteed. All we can promise is that we will continue to drive as many visitors to our site as possible. Sales are a numbers game and we work hard on consistently growing the numbers. We also utilize our online inventory of art to present work to clients which may result in opportunities, but the work we present is based on their specific tastes and preferences which we cannot predict.

Q:  How much traffic does ArtworkNetwork.com get?
A:  Please see our statistics page for current info on traffic and marketing efforts.

Q:  How are you marketing my artwork?
A:  Generally speaking, we don't specifically market any one artist member over another. (We do, however, offer specialized marketing services you should check out.)  We market the website and our company as a place to view and purchase a wide variety of artwork, through traditional methods and newer social marketing.  You can look at us and our website as an additional marketing tool to compliment your other efforts.

Q:  How much commission does Artwork Network retain?
A:  If a sale is generated through our efforts (art consulting, gallery staff, business art rotation locations, targeted marketing or press), we retain a 45% commission.

Q:  How do people find my artwork on the website?
A:  There are lots of ways!  It will pop up in searches: All artwork is listed by media, subject, price, the artist's name, as well as by keywords to ensure every piece of art has maximum searchability.  It may also be featured in collections or on the blog. 
Q:  How do I upload my art?
A:  Once you become a member we will send you an email specifying the information we need. All artwork should be sent to Artwork Network on a clearly labeled CD or via email, where a member of the staff will upload your art for you. 

Q:  How often will I be able to update my images?
A:  Only Entry Level Artist Members are restricted to one update per month (max 4 pieces).  All other levels may update as often as they choose.  Email any changes to support@artworknetwork.com

Q: What is the URL of my gallery site?
A:  An artist's gallery site can be found at http://www.artworknetwork/firstandlastname.  We can also purchase an additional domain so that your gallery may be available at www.yourname.com.  Custom domain names are more personal and better for branding, but not required.  We have found domain names to be particularly useful for our Artist Members that do not have their own personal website.

Q:  How many images can I display?
A:  How many images you may display depends on what membership package you choose upon signing with Artwork Network.  The video sold sections are also dependent of your membership level.

Q:  Why do I need a sold section?  What are the requirements?
A:  The sold section allows our collectors to get a good idea of your selling history, a justification of your current pricing, and is good for insurance/inventory purposes.  Because of this, a piece does not have to be sold through Artwork Network to be included in the sold section.  We require the price a piece sold for, and the month/year it sold.

Q: Am I required to send new work each month?
A: We do not require you to update every month, but we’d love to see new pieces as often as you have them!

Q: Are there any kind of deadlines for sending new work?
A: There is no deadline to send in new artwork.  The Creative Director will round up each new piece from the month before and feature it in the newsletter, but if it doesn’t meet the cut-off date, then it just gets bumped and will be featured next month instead.

Q: Why do I need video content?
A: We have found videos to be a wonderful tool in selling art and getting return visitors.  It creates a personal rapport between the artist and the collector, allowing the viewer to get to know the creator and delve a little deeper into the artwork.  Video content is not strictly required, though it is enthusiastically encouraged.

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