Silvana LaCreta Ravena

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Silvana Ravena
Minneapolis, Minnesota - United States




I am an artist originally from Brazil, who believes that art is a meditation on life.  My experience as a clinical psychologist and my background as an artist inspired me to explore in more depth those areas where art and academia, theory and practice converge. For me that meant further study, leading to additional graduate degrees in art history, art therapy and a Masters degree in fine arts.

Over the past fifteen years, I have worked in oil, acrylics, watercolors and encaustic, approaching different aspects of the concept of memory. My non-encaustic pieces are both abstract and figurative, while the encaustic paintings are completely abstract. In my pieces I abstract the usual conventions of image to reflect on the connections between meanings and images. I create a sense of ambiguity between the object and its intelligibility to convey my concern with the ways in which we formulate the meanings and the values that structure our visual perception. Therefore, drawing upon my training as a psychologist and academic, I incorporate into my work a variety of theoretical ideas, thus infusing it with another range of textures, beyond the pictorial. Freudian concepts such as the unconscious, repression, and latent/manifest content are particularly important to my paintings.  Such a range serves to broaden my work, giving it a more fluid, open-ended character that invites the viewer to appreciate it in  his/her unique way.

As a psychologist I consider the expression of texture as a tool to reach profound levels of the psyche. As an artist, I am deeply interested in continuous feedback between matter and sensation, exploring the boundaries of two and three dimensions.  Images, for me, are a psychological experience of pleasure, culturally determined and socially legitimated. Ultimately, my overall intention is to give the viewer an opportunity to experience the presence of the painting as a critical response to the ongoing de-materialization of the reality of our contemporary world.


Master of Fine Arts - Santa Marcelina College, SP, Brazil, 2006;
Certified Art History Specialist - FAAP, SP, Brazil, 1999;
Certified Art Therapist Specialist - Sedes Sapientiae Institute,SP, Brazil, 1996;
Bachelor of Science Psychology PUC-SP, Brazil, 1985


Brazilian Artist and Art History teacher.
Psychotherapist and Art Therapist .
Languages  spoken: Portuguese, English and Italian  


Ongoing     Art and Wearable art studio - encaustics, paintings and batiks, 
                      Minneapolis, MN

2006          Art  History  teacher  at Santa Marcelina  College -  SP - Brazi
2002-2005  Art History teacher at the Art Therapy Department of Sedes
                      Sapientiae Institute, SP, Brazil 

                  Member of Review Board for the Art Therapy Magazine of Sedes
                      Sapientiae Institute, SP, Brazil 

1999-2005  Author of the curriculum and  teacher of the course "Art History
                      Brought to Life" 
                  Sedes Sapientiae Institute  SP and
Nursery Home Villa Garoud,
                      Alphaville, SP, Brazil

1986-2001  Clinical psychotherapy and art therapy work SP, Brazil


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             Artists IV", Las Vegas, NE

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              AH Gallery, Ft Lauderdale, FL, June

         Minnetonka Center for the Arts 2010 Biennial , (Bob Bowman curator), 
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         NKBuilding, WARM Currents ( Beate  Minkovsky curator)
              Minneapolis, MN , March- April
         Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota, "Women and Water Rights",
              (Lucy Lippard, curator), Minneapolis, MN, Feb- March                          
2009  Woman Made Gallery  "Mirando al Sur", Chicago, IL, October
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2001  Municipal Theatre of Barueri City, "Art Salon of Barueri", Acrylics, 

Paulo, SP, Brazil  
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         Mokiti Okada Foundation of S Paulo City, "Colors and Transparencies  I",
              Wearable art, S Paulo, SP, Brazil


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WARM Women Registry of  Minnesota, MN, USA
WARM Mentor/Protege Program, 2008-10, MN, USA
Minneapolis Institute of Art Minneapolis, MN, USA
Minnetonka Center for the Arts, Wayzata, MN, USA
Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA
Woman Art Museum, Washington DC, USA


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Author of the article Art History Brought to Life, chapter in the book:
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Author of the article "In Search of Beauty Reflections on the Mature
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Author of the essay Art History Brought to Life, published in The Art
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Curtocircuito, visual poem published in  AGRAFICA Magazine, Ed.
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2004  Lecture: Ut  Pictura Poiesis, Santa Marcelina College SP, Brazil 
         Lecture:  Meeting  African Art  Arte Vida Alphaville SP,  Brazil   
2000  Lecture and Workshop: Post Modern Experience 4th National
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Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ, USA 
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