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Risk Free Artwork

Love it or Leave it! 
Buying original artwork doesnít have to be an intimidating experience.  If your artwork arrives, and you donít absolutely love it, then return it -  no questions asked. Weíll even pay for return shipping*!


Buy with Confidence

We strive to provide you with extensive details not found on any other online art site, to give you complete confidence when purchasing original pieces from Artwork Network.  Enjoy artist videos, exhibition history, and a multitude of photographs to help you make a decision. 




Try Before You Buy

Other art sites have digital rooms that don't look anything like the one in your home or business.  Check out our affordable Art Consulting tools to see a digital placement of the artwork on YOUR walls!  Find out more.

Treat yourself to unique, original, one-of-a-kind artwork from Artwork Network.

The Guarantee

Try it for one week.  If you decide itís not the perfect fit, return it during that first seven days.  Let us know why it doesnít fit, and we can help find something that does!

Weíre confident itíll be art youíll love, but if you decide itís not, simply notify Artwork Network and we will assist you in the return process.

Upon receipt of artwork, you will receive a full refund for your purchase.

Free Return Shipping:  If you decide to return the artwork, Artwork Network will pay the cost of return shipping*.

Free Returns*

To qualify for Free Return shipping, purchases must be made through Artwork Network, not individual artists.

Artwork Network will pay for Return Shipping costs to the artist up to a maximum of $100 USD.  You will be responsible for any Return Shipping costs over $100.

Every Free Return shipping request is subject to review and approval by Artwork Network.

Free Return shipping is not available for items damaged during shipment.  Damages are to be handled by the shipping carrier as an insurance claim.

Tracking and insurance are required for Free Return shipping, and this information must be provided to Artwork Network.




Brokerage Listings

The artwork displayed in the Brokerage Listings section includes pieces for resale by established living and deceased artists.

To the best of our knowledge, the artwork is authentic, but Artwork Network is not responsible for any forgeries or fraudulent pieces that may slip through. 

If there are any questions about a specific piece, we highly suggest consulting with an art appraiser.

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