Never a Headache

You wanted art in your business, but before you know it, you’re spending hours advertising for artists, looking through tons of portfolios, and settling for something "okay".  And then you’re trying to find time in your schedule to hang the work, or worse, trying to coordinate schedules with artists who pepper your walls with nail holes.  We offer the no-headache option.





Never an Empty Wall 

On your own, you may find scheduling gaps, leaving walls unsightly and bare for days at a time.  Artwork Network is a seamless service.  We replace old art with new art in the same trip.  We handle any inquiries from curious customers who want to buy the art, and give you a discount on any pieces you can’t bear to part with yourself.  




Never Boring

Art rotation is a great way to provide a fresh, creative backdrop for your business.  You don’t have to settle on any one thing.  Every 90 days everything is new again, keeping it interesting for you, your customers, and your staff.  We work with 175+ artists, so we can find a great match every time. 

Why You'll Love It

    •  New art every 90 days
    •  Wide selection of art
    •  Customizable preferences
    •  Never an empty wall
    •  Flexible schedule
    •  Easy to use!
 What We'll Do

    •  Choose the art
    •  Coordinate with artists
    •  Deliver and install
    •  Handle sales
    •  Plug your business on our
 No More Hassles

    •  No more hunting for artists
    •  No worrying over quality/content
    •  No scheduling surprises
    •  No crooked installations 
    •  No extra holes in the wall

Happy Businesses

"This has been the perfect, affordable solution to dealing with the artwork in my salon. I now have beautiful and professional artwork in my space at all times, and I get to focus on running my business and working with my customers."

Misha Berhl 
Salon Misha





"In the past I worked with individual artists to hang art in my spa. They often would take it down at a moments notice, and I would be left with blank walls.  Artwork Network's rotation program guarantees that my walls are never blank and I always have interesting new work to enjoy."

Dr. Tahl Humes
Vitahl Medical Rejuvenation Spa




No Ego Here!

Our staff is friendly, down-to-earth, and available for any questions you OR your customers might have.  We accept all forms of communication: phone, voicemail, email, Facebook message, or courier pigeon (should you feel so inclined).  We are open Monday - Friday from 10:00 - 5:00 pm, and Saturdays 12:00 - 4:00 pm. 

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