Video Content:
Add videos to our homepage and create the perfect interaction with our website viewers! Video footage can be up to 15 minutes in length (and 2GB in size) with content that either entertains or educates our viewers. Take the fabulous opportunity to allow the public to get to know you and give an interview, or explain your processes, whether it is a how to or a time lapse of your creative hands at work. You may send unlimited videos to that will be reviewed and added to our homepage! We accept a wide variety of video formats, compliant with YouTube.
You may add up to a one minute video of a tour around your piece showing the texture, technique, and different angles. A video along with detailed images of your piece will help fully document your piece and make buyers more comfortable with online purchases.

Audio Content:
Audio content is a great way to say or express something more about your piece you might not be able to with the written word. There is no limit to the amount of audio files you can submit, and they may be emailed ANYTIME to (Ex: Record yourself talking about an experience that led to the creation of your piece.)

Need help with your audio, or want to take it to the next level? Visit

Facebook Feature:
Posts on our Facebook page showcase new artists and selected new art to art enthusiasts! "Like" us and ensure you see whenever your art is mentioned! 
(To check out our current number of fans, visit our Website and Marketing Statistics page.)

Twitter Feature:
In addition to our content on Facebook, we showcase updates of artwork 
on our Twitter page, as well as events, publicity, videos and more with our Twitter followers. Invite your network to follow us on Twitter to see whenever you or your art is mentioned!  (To check out our current number of followers, visit our Website and Marketing Statistics page.)

E-Newsletter Feature:
Once a month (typically the day before First Friday), we send out a newsletter of new art, new artists, events, and more to our growing list of art enthusiast subscribers. How do you get featured? Submit new artwork or an event! New pieces, new artists, and upcoming events are featured in the newsletter. 

Design Trends Email Feature:
Occassionaly we send out the"Design Trends + Deals and Steals" newsletter of selected art to our subscribers.  This is a more marketing based email.  (To check out the size of our latest list, and our open and click rate, visit our Website and Marketing Statistics page.)  The Design Trends Email Feature singles out one of our artists and focuses on their artwork, with a small bio or interview questions included.  Don't miss the chance for thousands to see your work!

Custom Email Blast:
Beautifully designed and showcasing your artwork, this is a great way to notify your client list of new artwork or an upcoming event. Because of this, we allow you to schedule the email blast in order to correspond with events or a new series of work.

Discount on Artwork Network Services:
As an Artwork Network artist member, you are entitled to a 10% discount on all of our art related services.  Please contact us at 303.388.7420 to inquire about giclee printing, custom framing, art photography, art brokerage, wall rental, event rental, and more.

Increased Searchability:
Artwork Network includes SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) on EACH page and EACH piece of artwork to ensure that everything is searchable on both our website and through search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. While you may provide keywords for your artwork, we will always proof it and add anything else we think might be relevant!

Inclusion in Custom Project Pages:
When a buyer contacts us, we can put together a custom project page with artwork that fits their taste and budget.  If your work is applicable, it will be included on this project page. You will NOT be notified of every project page your work ends up on, but this is an automatic benefit to Artwork Network, and there is nothing further you need to do!

Images per Piece:

For buyers to be comfortable purchasing a piece of art sight unseen on the web, you should be thorough when cataloging your piece.  We recommend including these images:
1. Main Image (No Frame, no mat, just the full piece view.)
2. Framed Image (Provide an image of the piece in full frame, if applicable.)
3. Environmental Image (Showcase the piece on a wall above a sofa, next to a chair, etc. to illustrate scale.)
4. Detail Image (An up-close image will help show the texture, technique, and materials in your piece, OR an image of the piece from an angle, to show painted edges.)

Gallery Exhibitions:
Showcasing your artwork in the Denver gallery is not included in Artist Membership. Exhibitions are by invitation only.

Art Rotation Feature:
We have several business venues, such as restaurants and spas, to showcase the artwork of our Artist Members.  These showcases last 90 days, and you must be willing to commit to this length of time, as nothing will be removed from the venue – except for actual sales – during the showcase. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.
While a brick and mortar showcase lacks the amount of “eyeballs” that a web showcase gets, an “Art Rotation Showcase” can be a great opportunity for artists. There is NO extra charge for this opportunity, though you must submit a proposal. Standard commission applies to every piece sold from our venues. Not every artist will be accepted for this opportunity.
A proposal may be submitted ANYTIME to, faxed to 303.865.3904, or dropped off in person at our Denver location during business hours.
The proposal form is available from the Member Resources page.

Commission Structure:
There is a 45% (40% on sculpture) commission on sales to OUR clients/venues or sales WE handle.  There is no commission on sales to YOUR clients which YOU handle.  You may opt to have us take care of all your sales all the time, or when you are currently unavailable (such as on vacation) or not at all.

Sold Inventory:
A sold section is important for both an artist and a buyer.  Potential buyers will want to see a record of what pieces have sold for in the past,
and this section can act as a justification to an artists current prices.  The sold section is also a great tool for you to keep track of your previous work.  Pieces do not have to be sold by Artwork Network to be listed in the sold section!