Rebecca Zimmerman

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Rebecca Zimmerman
Denver, Colorado - United States




Rebecca was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, and from an early age she had an affinity for the natural world. Rebecca received her first SLR camera on her 13th birthday and took full advantage of an ample back yard, where she spent hours photographing birds, frogs, flowers, mushrooms, and anything else that caught her eye. Through this, Rebecca acquired a tremendous appreciation for macro photography, which she soon expanded to include landscape photography after her family moved to South Dakota when she was in her later teens.

Her dream of melding her love of nature and photography was realized when she received a college scholarship to the North American Nature Photography Association's annual conference. Shortly after she attended the NANPA conference, Rebecca enrolled in the Summer Intensive Program of the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, where she completed her formal training. The following year led to her first success as an artist when one of her photographs was published in RMSP's catalog. Following this, Rebecca received an honorable mention in the United Nations Environmental Programme's 2004-05 international photography competition on the environment.

Currently residing in Denver, Colorado, Rebecca travels extensively, across the U.S. and abroad, to explore new landscapes and discover overlooked details. Through her images, she hopes to bring people closer to nature and encourage them to have an appreciation for the natural world.