Tracy Lynn Pristas

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eternity's commitment
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eternity's commitment
eternity's commitment

eternity's commitment

one of a kind
media: canvas (cotton), mixed media

$8,975 - h: 48" x w: 48" - original

You know how fantastic it looks to have a bold piece of art centering a room over a fireplace or a beautiful console table, or even the master bed. With a Tracy Lynn Pristas museum-quality original you receive the added benefit of healing energies. Each of her paintings are infused with Reiki healing energies. Eternity’s Commitment such a fitting title since the dominant vibration in the universe is wellness and beauty. And this statement original is perfectly in keeping with the trend of florals and romantic colors, too. Painted on archival museum-quality stretched canvas built to last 100 plus years. Ready to hand with strong wire and heavy duty d-rings on both sides.

© 2017 - tracy l pristas

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