Karen Fitzgerald

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Breathing Trees
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Breathing Trees
Breathing Trees

Breathing Trees

one of a kind
media: oil, panel (wood)

$5,000 - h: 24" x w: 24" - original

Oil with 23k gold on MDF panel, .5” thick. Not framed – no framing is needed.

The ground of this work is gilded with 23k gold. This surface makes the whole work luminous and dynamic – it responds to all ambient light. The image recalls trees seen through a rainstorm – they are “breathing in” the rain. I painted this after watching a storm move across my neighborhood, and being on the 2ndfloor, seeing the rain and wind interact with the trees. The energy was robust without the vigor of a threatening wind storm, the trees bowed and stood accepting the gift of moisture. When I paint I use thinned, runny paint. I cannot control it as I add it to a pool of turpentine. The pigments plume and settle, sometimes with my encouragement, sometimes making interesting shapes that I could never have willfully produced. Chance is my best friend when I am painting. The work is half an inch thick and sits on a cleat (which is included) nailed to the wall. The work sits snuggly on the wall with this kind of installation.

© 2016 - Karen Fitzgerald

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