Tadashi Hayakawa

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fine art book
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fine art book "echoes of heritage"

open-ended edition
media: print

$40 - h: 11" x w: 10" - original

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105 pages, soft cover, h: 11” x w: 10”

“Echoes of Heritage” is a 108 page collection of Tadashi Hayakawa’s breath-taking paintings. Published in 2015, it includes thoughts from his emotional and spiritual journey as an artist, as well as critical responses of his work.


In early 2006, I started the journey to find what was meant for me to accomplish in my life under the pressure of my premonition that I might have only several years left to do so.

I immediately started painting under the theme “Dreaming of Life in the Heaven,” and eventually settled with “Rebirth,” which was completed at the end of 2010. Artwork Network Gallery kindly gave me the opportunity to have a solo exhibition in May 2011, which received a great aesthetic and financial response. My journey had been accomplished.

I love painting. Painting to me is, just like breathing, the absolute necessity to keep me alive. It provides me with peace and harmony while deepening my capacity for love. It also teaches me how to be sincere and humble. My paintings in 2012 and 2013 were nothing but the expression of my appreciation and joy of life. “IKIRU” (To Live) was my major theme.

Through this book you will find how I started to paint under the theme “Echoes of Heritage.” I dedicate this book to the people who have helped me spiritually and financially and hope it will keep memory living among us even after I am gone.

© 2015 - tadashi hayakawa

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