Valentine Wolly

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swept away
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swept away

one of a kind
media: oil, paper

$600 - h: 18" x w: 20" - original, framed

Paper is wrapped around stretcher bars, for a presentation similar to a canvas painting.

Reflection, repetition and pattern are recurring elements in most of my work. These paintings are part of a series which explores the interplay between figure and reflective surface. I am fascinated by reflective surfaces of all types and how they multiply, distort and play tricks with the "real" world. I use flexible mirrors (mylar-type) in conceiving and composing these pieces. My subjects (usually friends and family) are shown in a hide-and-seek world that is constantly moving between real and unreal. Each of these paintings has no more than three subjects (models). It's interesting to see how many places they can be at one time.

The mylar allows me to capture the gestural essence of a moment in time. Thus, the beauty of the combination of movement, color, shape and form that is reflected back in various incarnations is more important to me than whether the subject is recognizable.

© 2015 - valentine wolly

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