Tracy Lynn Pristas

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whispered devotion
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whispered devotion
whispered devotion
whispered devotion

whispered devotion

one of a kind
media: canvas (cotton), oil

$5,600 - h: 24" x w: 60" - original

Sold to private collector in September 2013.

Whispered Devotion is the latest from the panoramic abstract landscape series. Contacted this July by an art consulting firm in Nashville to create a panoramic for a Mayo clinic in Jacksonville, FL. The art consultant requested a 24 x 60 panoramic using the timeless subject matter and tranquil color palette employed to create Water Music / 48 x 108 / a high end residential Chicago commission from 2009. Tracy decided to create two 24 x 60 paintings. Gentlest Echo for the Jacksonville, Mayo clinics waiting room and one with enhanced bolder palette for Artwork Network. In addition to being a professional artist Tracy Lynn Pristas is a certified yoga instructor and certified Reiki practitioner. Reiki is a Japanese system for channeling universal life force energy to someone or something for the purpose of healing. Each Pristas artwork is infused with Reiki energies an important factor as to why her original oils have been commissioned through art consultants for hospitals nationwide.

Exhibited in a solo exhibit titled "Dream Currency" at the Artwork Network Gallery, September - October 2013.

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