Tracy Lynn Pristas

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whispered assignment
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whispered assignment

one of a kind
media: canvas (cotton), oil

$8,900 - h: 48" x w: 48" - original

"Added to public collection at Montana State University, Bozeman, MT in March 2014."

Whispered Assignment was inspired by the seductive color palette of Autumn. The inherent mystery and magic of the season. More than an appreciation for the style of Color Field painting is tangible in this large scale original. Whispered Assignment, strikes a balance between focusing on the Autumn landscape as subject matter and permitting the paint to also read as subject matter. Choosing to incorporate areas of broad bold color yet allowing for spontaneity, lovely gestures, generous textures and detailed brushwork is evident. Whispered Assignment is an act of devotion to the season. A practice to remind the viewer that awareness is significant, the promise of return, and the cycle of life.

Exhibited in a solo exhibit titled "Dream Currency" at the Artwork Network Gallery, September - October 2013.

© 2013 - tracy l pristas

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