Paula Hudson

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Paula Hudson
Denver, Colorado - United States




Artist�s statements usually sound really hokey. It seems to be hard to get to the truth. My truth, I think, is that I have been drawing and painting since I was 6. That makes 62 years.  I must like it. I paint to express myself. Producing paintings is not about the subject but about the paint and how it gets on the support. We humans are surrounded by things, junk and stuff. Those are the subjects that are transformed by artists into design, composition, space, emotion, line, and color, among other elements.  Those myriad elements are used to express feelings about our existence.  Today, I saw a four year old kid driving a battery powered jeep down the sidewalk, his face filled with deep concentration. He was followed by his father whose face radiated caution, trepidation and absolute happiness-- simultaneously. An artist's interpretation could run the continuum from a homey scene like Norman Rockwell to an anxiety and danger filled painting like Lucian Freud.  Same subject different paint. Catch my drift. My challenge is to find out who I am when I paint, what I can honestly express and not produce sofa pictures.


Ph.D. Universityof Denver
M.A.   University of Denver
B.S.   PurdueUniversity

150 Hours of classroom training  with the following artists:
Fran Larson, Gerald Brommer, Serge Hollerbeck, Louise Cadillac, Al Brouillette, Carole Barnes, George Pate, Miles Batt, Judy Betts, Christopher Shink, Ron Ranson, Barbara Nechis, Jean Dobie, Stephen Quiller, Virginia Cobb, James Cramer, Joseph Bowler

Mediums: Watercolor, acrylic, collage, oils 


2010 to Present  Translations Gallery, Denver.Co.
2005 to 2011  Gallery Cuvee, Denver, Co.
2007 to Present  Gallery and Caf� de Paris, Louisville, Co.
2006  910 Santa Fe,Denver, Co.
2006  Next Gallery, Denver, Co.
2003  Sunrise Artworks, Aurora, Co.
2000  On and Off the Wall, Denver, Co.
1992  The Design Center, Denver, Co.
1991  Hiwan Galleries, Evergreen, Co
1990  The Artists Pad
1989  Art on the Move
1985  CDS, Contemporary Art, A. New Mexico 


2010  Colorado Artists Guild

         Stellas, Denver, Co.

2009  Artists Guild of Colorado,First Place, Acrylics

2008  Perk Hill Coffee, Denver, Co.

2007  Tennyson Gallery

         GreenwoodVillageArt Festival

         Spark, Denver, Co.

2006  LakewoodCultural Center, Day of the Dead, Denver, Co.

         Union Street Gallery, Lakewood, Co.

         St. Thomas, Denver, Co.

2005  Core, Denver, Co.

         Lone Tree Exhibit, SECOND PLACE, watercolor,

2003  Colorado Expo Show, Denver, Colorado

1994  Capitol Hill Show, Denver, Co.

1992  Foothills Art Show, Golden, Co.

1991  Heritage Grove Show, Evergreen, Co.

1990  45thNational Juried Fine Art Show, ColoradoSps., Co

1985  Corporate Exhibit: Epler, Guerwin and Turner, Ab., New Mexico