Mike Giese

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Mike Giese
Louisville, Colorado - United States



My name is Michael Giese. Iíve been making art for as long as I can remember and have always been fascinated by the process of creating art. Iíve received an Associate Degree in Graphic Design from the Community College of Denver, and since then Iíve bought a mobile home and made a great art studio where I create art every day. Lately, Iíve been fascinated with heavy textured, colorful cityscapes with hard lines and colorful blocks for buildings. Iíve always been attracted to bright colors and the way they play off one another. I also have a great affection to characters that are made up from imagination but also built up with lots of color, texture and hard lines. For the past year, Iíve been working on cityscapes and characters and trying to make the paintings as unique and personable as possible. For the near future, I see myself working with these subject matters. I think itís my best way to represent who I am as an art.