Melody Soell

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    Melody Soell             

artist statement:

Melody Soell is an international traveler whose artistic style is contemplative with a slice of reality.  In another life, Melody was an award winning stand-up comedian by night, a writer of wrongs by day.  Having recently discovered the folly of her ways, she retired from the real world and dedicates her time to photography, her passion, recognizing a life long love of dark rooms and the smell of chemicals in the morning.


Internationally recognized, Melody is a return exhibitor to Europe's and the U.S. more obscure galleries, where she is a legend in her own mind.  Some of the more notable galleries include: 

  Art's House of Arts - Bronx, New York,
  Nearly Nobel Gallery - Stockholm, Sweden
  Redacted Minds Gallery - Washington, D.C.
  Lost in Time Gallery - Stonehenge, England