Mary Mito

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Mary Mito
Santa Fe, New Mexico - United States



Mary Mito is a hyper realist master. Each of her larger works takes approximately 1 year to finish and are therefore are very rare. Her subject matter is the dirt, grass, water, sand, leaves and mud. It goes unnoticed, but in her paintings the minute details are mind bending. Mary has had solo exhibitions at O.K. Harris in New York, Gerald Peters in Santa Fe, NM and her works are in many important collections such as the Art Institute of Chicago.

With uncanny skill, she brings the world into focus - ripples on the water's surface, a stick's shadow, a scattering of sand. Mito convincingly renders barren fields or animal tracks - sights that never call out to us, that we assume to be beneath our notice. She devotes as much care to crafting dry weeds as Raphael did to folds on the Alba Madonna's cloak, as Vermeer gave to pearls, Crevelli to bejeweled gowns, or Ingres to satin shawls. Her patient expenditure of attention itself confers worth on humble matter. She makes the rudest things eloquent. And because they are compelling to her, these things move us as well. She sees so that we may see.

Arden Reed. (An excerpt from the book Mary Mito, Fresco Fine Art Publications)