Marie-Luise Vaughn

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Marie-Luise Vaughn
Aurora, Colorado - United States



Marie-Luise Vaughn, professional artist, born and raised in Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany. During her youth, she traveled extensively throughout Europe:  London, Florence, Venice, Amsterdam, Paris, Athens.  It was a journey of discovery for her. The awe inspiring work of Michelangelo prompted her to study art and the creative process at art schools in Germany during the 1980s, and then on to art workshops since.  Over the years, she has evolved from working with charcoal, graphite pencil, and "diving" into watercolors.

Earlier his year I entered into a new phase or my work: Abstract Acrylic Paintings.

My natural talents and strong desire to create a positive, happy living and office environment that allows my fellow human beings to thrive and be successful drive me to create my "bold statements of color" – my paintings. I enjoy using a variety of techniques during the creative process. My unique compositions and use of vibrant, bold, happy colors are my hallmarks. Usually I paint in ‘one direction’. Although some paintings simply "require" of me to look at them from different angles. Surprisingly, some paintings reveal different elements when looking at them from different sides while painting.

While creating a new painting I tend to ‘dive’ into colors but often try to maintain an amount of control via the color selection. Sometimes I let the paint take over. Either way, I am completely in the moment when I paint. Patience is the key when creating a new ‘masterpiece’. It is how I ensure that I don’t overwork the canvas.

I put each new painting in close proximity to where I spend my time in my home, especially in the evening. It gives me a chance to live in the colors and appreciate the composition that I just created, and sometimes discover ways to improve the newest painting.