Maggie Rosché

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Maggie Rosche
Parker, Colorado - United States


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For me, it has been a lifelong pursuit of art: drawing, painting, and calligraphy. 

Surrounded by nature's beauty and viewing my world as individual paintings, I can visualize the finished art long before I ever put paint to the canvas.

I prefer simple subjects, but with attention to detail, and my illustrators' background is evident in most of my work.  I love painting portraits, wildlife and still life, with most of my paintings conveying a sense of serenity and calm.


I have always had a love for horses but since moving to Parker, Colorado, I thought it only fitting to start painting them.  It was quite natural to go from a lifetime of drawing and painting people to creating equine art.  To me, the horse embodies massive strength, intelligence, and speed... and they intrigue me so.


Maggie has been creating art since her childhood.  It all began when she saw an oil painting by her father stored in the basement, gathering cobwebs.  It was a portrait of a riverboat captain, her great-great grandfather, and the brushstrokes of paint were truly captivating.

Born and raised in St. Louis, Maggie graduated from the university of Denver with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  She has illustrated books, greeting cards, and menus, created fabric designs for a major retailer, and drawn and painted hundreds of portraits over the years.  She also worked for Hallmark as a freelance artist for their gift lines.  In addition, her murals for homes, schools, and businesses are found in Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, and Massachusetts.

Her paintings have been exhibited at the Denver Botanic Gardens, the Wildlife Experience Museum in Lone Tree, Boettcher Concert Hall, Artists of Colorado Exhibitions, and the main branch of the Denver Public Library.  Commissions for portraits, murals, and paintings are welcomed.