Laurie Maves

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"Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes"
Laurie Maves has wanted to take one of her favorite Peter Gabriel's songs to imagery for years. She finally made time for the process.
"The Whole Thing (the Big Blue Ball)"
Laurie Maves is directly and thoroughly inspired by the Big Blue Ball's version of "The Whole Thing" and thus another poppy painting is born

"Steve Gold's Let Your Heart Be Known"
A timelapse of a poppy painting created to the song "Let Your Heart be Known".
"Laurie Maves Art paints I'm Yours by Jason Mraz"
Laurie Maves paints an ode to Jason Mraz's song "I'm Yours", filmed at her Denver painting studio in the Santa Fe Arts district, February 2010

"Frida My Beauty Queen"
Laurie Maves documents the process of her creating a painting influenced by Frida Kahlo influenced by the radical funk band, Bop Skizzum.
"Lollipop Love Painting Collaboration with Dave Preston"
This lollipop love painting marks the first official collaboration between Laurie Maves Art and the music of Dave Preston.

 "Heart Beats the Same (Official Video)"
Artwork by Laurie Maves, Original song and score by Melissa Ivey, Animation by Ryan King. 
 "My Hill Painting"
A timelapse of the creation of a piece from Laurie Maves' "Lollipop" series.