Laurie Maves

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Laurie Maves
Sarasota, Florida - United States




As an artist, creating paintings that are healing in nature is something I have been fascinated with ever since I began my journey studying the discipline of art therapy over 2 decades ago. Even though my most influential artists were representational ones like Frida Kahlo and Van Gogh, I was more drawn to the reasons why they painted: to exorcise suffering, and to give voice to their pain. The therapeutic aspects of creation were more important than possibly representing a certain person, place or thing. The act of painting was the expression of feeling, an experience of healing.

In 2011 my life experienced a much-needed makeover, when I met the man that I would later marry. His inspirational story of survival and resiliency gave me new hope about my own life, which I had been failing at desperately trying to control. As a two-time cancer survivor, and an occasional motivational speaker about overcoming his illness and life’s challenges, he would talk about the common bond that every cancer patient strives for: creating healthy cells in one’s body. My new love and his messages became my muse as I was inspired to paint images of healthy blood cells. “Love inside my cells,” “the light shines from within our cells,” “we find the love we need to heal,” were just a few of the messages conveyed about healing that I would write into the compositions. The images evolved from representational cellular structures to abstracted shapes and circles. My ultimate goal as an artist, my dream, was to make artwork that would function as possible healing imagery. I created an ongoing series of circle paintings always including the healing and loving messages written somewhere the works.

Historically I had been a representational painter. I made paintings about landscapes, figures and flowers. I found a great deal of control and mastery in producing a final preconceived image. On the other hand, throughout my entire artistic career, I had been afraid to paint abstracts. After a great deal of introspection, I realized I had been trying to control so much around me, I wanted everything to turn out perfectly to some preconceived notion of how I was supposed to be living my life. I had failed to live by my intuition, and in the process had almost lost my way. As I let go of control of the painting process and relied on a more intuitive approached to my canvases, images and phrases began to speak through me. My hand was the translator for my experiences and my own personal healing began to advance. My paintings became genuine experiences of love, hope and trust. Not knowing how the paintings would end up, and letting go of control was parallel to allowing my life to live me, allowing my life to evolve in its most perfect version, even if it included suffering and loss.

I am now allowing my paintings to be painted by my materials, and not consciously by my hand, in a way that gives up control, planning and destination. It’s almost a spiritual experience when I engage with my tools. I “listen” to my paints and they call out to me which one to use. I listen to the canvas, as it speaks words and phrases that want to be written down, captured, and honored in a tangible manner. Now I am most comfortable with the abstract process, and find that my life is evolving in a most precious and intuitive way. Letting go of most of that control has been one of the most freeing experiences in my life. 


The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Master of Art Therapy, 1997
University of Wisconsin – Madison, Bachelor of Art, 1993


Solo Showings:
2015  The Aloft Hotel, Denver, CO
2014  Center of Attention, GoodDay Colorado, FOX31, Denver, CO
2014  the Circle Paintings, Laurie Maves ART, Denver, CO
2013  Love for Frida, Laurie Maves ART, Denver, CO
2013  Love for Fraser, Elizabeth Kurtak Art Gallery, Fraser, CO
2012  Dolce Vita, Hirshfeld Gallery, Merle Catherine Chambers Center for the
         Advancement of Women, University of Denver Women’s College, Denver, CO
2010  Poppies for You, Studio Shakta, Denver, CO
2009  Love for Live Painting, Laurie Maves Art, Denver, CO

Group Showings:
2015  The Art of Winter, Denver International Airport, Denver, CO
2015  The Art of Winter, Copper Mountain Resort, Copper, CO
2015  Denver Artists, The Armory Performing Arts Center, Brighton, CO
2014  GuitarTown, Copper Mountain Resort, Copper, CO
2014  The Annual Frida Show, Picture This, Long Beach, CA
2014  Red Handed, TbGallery, Denver, CO
2014  The Frida Show, ChimMaya Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2013  Faces, MIIT, Museo Internazionale Italia Arte, Turin, Italy
2013  Open Canvas, MIAD, Milwaukee, WI
2013  the Peace Project, The Whole 9, National Traveling Exhibition
2013  ArT Project 2013 No.4, Studio Arte Carapostol, Venice, Italy
2013  Hand of Spirit with Maxwellvision, Jared David Paul and Laurie Maves,
         Skylight Station, Denver, CO
2013  GuitarTown, Copper Mountain Resort, Copper, CO
2012  4th Annual Dia de Los Muertos Show, Studio 12 Gallery, Denver, CO
2012  Open Canvas, MIAD, Milwaukee, WI
2010  Heart Beats the Same, Artwork Network, Denver, CO
2010  Open Canvas, MIAD, Milwaukee, WI
2007  BareWalls, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
2006  BareWalls, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL


City of Loveland, Loveland, CO
Kaiser Permanente, Denver, CO
Copper Mountain Resort, Copper, CO
The Colorado Trust, Denver, CO
True Value Company, Chicago, IL
KPMG, Denver, CO
Mountain Vista High School, Highlands Ranch, CO

Works held in private collections in Austria, Bahrain, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, India, Ireland, Mexico, and the United States


2014 - Present  Independent Contractor, Convention Designs, Denver, CO
2012 - Present  Independent Contractor, Artwork Network, Denver, CO
2013   The Art of Igniting Action, with Alicia Fall TEDx Front Range
2013 - 2014  Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Rocky Mountain Chapter
2012 - 2013  Copper Country Music Festival, Copper, CO
2012  Mountain Vista High School Prom
2012  Hanuman Yoga Festival, Boulder, CO
2011  Mountain Pose Yoga Festival, Copper Mountain, Copper, CO
2010  Colorado I Have A Dream, Roast of Kristin Richardson, Denver
2009  Annual Bowling Ball,, Denver, CO
2007  Film on the Rocks, Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver, CO


2015  Voz Y Corazon, Suicide Prevention Program, MHCD, Denver, CO
2015  Cancer Survivors Group, Denver Health Medical Center, Denver, CO
2015  Awakened Spirit Intensive Workshop II, Zuma’s Rescue Ranch, Littleton, CO
2014  Awakened Spirit Intensive Workshop, Zuma’s Rescue Ranch, Littleton, CO
2014  Art of the Solstice, with Anya McManis, Denver, CO
2012  Ride the Visionboard, Art on the Brix, Golden, CO
2011  Ride the Visionboard, Laurie Maves ART Studio, Denver, CO
2010  Group Mural Project, The Cunningham Foundation, Project Mercy, Yetebon, Ethiopia
2008  Group Mural Project, The Cunningham Foundation, Yirgalem Kb12 school, Ethiopia
2007  Kindergarten Art Program, Red Rocks Elementary, Morrison, CO
2006  City of Lakewood, Arts Outreach Program, Lakewood, CO
2000  Team Art Therapist, MHCD, Denver, CO


2007  LUNA, San Acacio, CO