Krista Shiner

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Krista Shiner
Denver, Colorado - United States



Since a child, Krista has had an innate sense of artistic ability and imagination. Her life long passion of the Arts involves a vast range of forms: Painting, design, drawing, metal patinas, music, writing, dancing, clay, etc. – Essentially experimenting and learning about numerous art forms.

She has been a resident of Denver for many years experiencing the growth in the Art and Music Scenes. She began her career in the Decorative Arts as an independent contractor for several other artists in the Denver area while pursuing her degree of Bachelor’s of Fine Art with an emphasis in painting and a minor in Spanish. Those artists, among many to this day, nurtured her creativity, skills, and overall artist spirit. In 2006 she formed her own company, Diseño, Inc, to provide decorative concrete applications, specialty paint finishes and Fine Art for residential and commercial clients. In May of 2010 Diseño became Shiner Studios for simplification and more emphasis on Fine Art.

She is reputed for her genuine nature, patience, fun loving spirit, trustworthiness, and creativity. An authentic people person, she loves working with people and treats each person with the same amount of respect and consideration. Communication and planning are two vital aspects to produce what her clients are seeking. For each project, she listens to her clients and deftly translates her client’s vision and aesthetic hopes. With over 16 years experience in the Decorative Arts, extensive art education, professional training, setting her own, she is able to transform a space into a work of art. She often collaborates directly with designers, design build firms, architects, and other artists and artisans of multiple disciplines to ensure that all elements of the space are created in harmony. She has worked with private and corporate clients that include homeowners, luxury real estate developers and commercial entities such as restaurants and bars in Denver and beyond.

Krista continues creating artwork, most specifically paintings, and is planning new collections to unveil in late 2017, early 2018. She looks forward to simultaneously being involved with innovative and challenging projects that best exemplify her capabilities as an artist. She continues to strengthen her business acumen with focus on client service, professional and artistic training and education, and ongoing research and experimentation.

Her passion for the earth and all of it’s inhabitants serves as endless inspiration for her endeavors. The energy that fuel all things, Prana/ Chi, biological processes and designs, numerology, all things extraordinary. Her dream is to create eco-conscious, healing designs and installations that incorporate elements of the earth with the talents of other artists, earth-lovers, and digital creatives in video and film in multiple disciplines to offer truly special places for all who encounter them to enjoy.

In her spare time, she enjoys hikes and adventures with her dog, dancing, yoga, travel, biking, volunteering, cooking, spending time with family and friends, camping, reading, gardening, and much more. She’s never bored! Much of her personal hopes involve having a home base with a beloved partner/king, a greenhouse, traveling the world, painting, creating in general, teaching, volunteering, and whatever sparkling opportunities present themselves. She seeks to be an advocate for the unheard voices of the earth. To expand her artistic/ creative capacity with her business for the efforts of organizations focused on animal welfare and protection, humanitarian efforts, ecological and environmental efforts. Anything is possible.