Kat Payge

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Kat Payge
Denver, Colorado - United States



Growing up in Boulder, Colorado, my vision is informed by my upbringing and my love of hiking in the mountains. I have a Masters degree in International Politics, but realized that art was to be my future while raising my son. I took a class with Tony Ortega at The Foothills Art Center and found it was something I really enjoyed doing.

Over the past 17 years, Iíve moved between Washington State and Colorado. During this time, Iíve been developing my style, alternating between showing my art and creating a body of work. I am currently feeling inspired by my roots here in Colorado and have been settling into my studio on Santa Fe Drive since November 2016. I am enjoying participating in First Friday Art Walk every month.

As I playfully approach my canvas with acrylic and water soluble crayon, I am brought back to being a child, full of possibility. Through this freedom, I feel uninhibited and able to express my purest thoughts and primary emotions. I enjoy passing this sense of play and freedom onto the viewer, so they can come up with their own interpretation of my art and have a truly unique experience..