Judy Hintz Cox

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Judy Hintz Cox
Charleston, SC - United States




While living in South America, after serving in the Peace Corps, I started painting.  I loved art from an early age and remember going to the Art Institute in Chicago and spending hours sitting in the Mark Rothko room staring at his paintings. 

When returning to the USA, after giving birth to two daughters, I returned to school and received a second BA in Studio Arts at the University of Maryland in 1984.  I have been painting for more than 40 years and have exhibited extensively throughout the USA, as you will see in my resume.


Working as an artist takes discipline.  I work in my studio six to seven days a week even if not "in the mood".  I work in series and consider myself a minimalist though my technique is expressive. 

My paintings are minimal in color.  I use "gobs" of white, a lot of black and often a splash of color.  For years I have been "obsessed" with white paintings.  At times I have attempted to stop using so much white but it always takes over before the painting is completed.  The paintings focus on space, balanced with minimal configurations.  I spend a lot of time taking things out of my paintings through scraping and with the use of turpentine.  Sometimes the energy of the piece takes over and the painting becomes more expressive with less space then what is normally painted.  That is okay too.  For me, it is important not to "overwork" the piece and I have learned to leave it alone even when not finished at times.

Each minimal painting is started with sketches in pencil and charcoal.  The entire canvas is then covered with melted encaustic.  When the encaustic hardens I use oil to paint the images in my head which either remain or are removed.  I spend a lot of time observing the work in process to determine whether it is "working".  The under painting bleeds through which gives the eye subtleties to view.

I also work with epoxy resin which is poured on the piece.  I sketch small  abstract females and once the resin is poured over them, I use black oil paint to outline the forms.  Several layers of resin are poured on top of the paintings.  This process takes several days since each layer of  resin needs 24 hours to dry.

Painting, for me, can be exhilarating and frustrating.  When it flows, or when starting a new idea, my heart pounds fast and my breathing is rapid with excitement.  When the piece struggles, I become frustrated with the painting and work at making it work which usually means taking out elements one by one.  My desire is to let the piece breathe.  All of the  paintings have a lot of texture and lots of intended scrapes within the thick paint.

Art is about expressing one's soul.  If the viewer is affected by a piece of my art, I have accomplished something.   I do want people to view my work and selling my paintings is important for livelihood. However, pure creation, just for creation is something for which to strive.  I honor the Buddhist monks who spend days creating beautiful mandalas with colored sand only to enact the impermanent nature of existence by sweeping away the sand and dispersing it back to water.  On the other hand, there is nothing more satisfying then viewing art created by others which allows my soul to breathe.


2011  JLP Gallery, Baltimore
2010  Lisa Luby Ryan, Dallas
2009  Woodbourne Collection, Kensington, MD
2008  Mike Weber Fine Art, Washington, DC
           White Canvas Gallery, Richmond, VA
           Atlantic Art, Annapolis, MD
2007  Studio 24E, Oakland, MD


2011  Cheseapeake Framing Company, Kensington, MD
2010  Cambridge Art Center, Cambridge, MD
2006  Creation Art Gallery, Juno Beach, FL
2004  Malton Galery, Cincinnati


2013  Huff Harrington Gallery, Atlanta
           B2 Fine Art, Tacoma, WA
           Harrington Brown Gallery, Memphis
2012  Artful Sol Gallery, Vail, CO
           Corrigan Gallery, Charleston, SC
           Huff Harrington Gallery, Atlanta
           Harrington Brown Gallery, Memphis
           Oriet's Fine Art,  Monkton, MD
           Antresian Gallery, Baltimore
           Harrington Brown Gallery, Memphis
2011  Corrigan Gallery, Charleston, SC
           Gallerie Myrtis Baltimore
           Broadhurst Gallery, Pinehurst, NC
           Huff Harrington Gallery, Atlanta
           B2 Fine Art, Tacoma WA


2009  The Gazette Woodbourn Collection Judy Hintz Cox ShoJen Beasley
2009  House Beautiful Color Personality 3 Sara Scaglione
           Design with Judy Hintz Cox Art, Fred Albert
2006  Style Magazine, Homes With Style Featuring Judy Hintz Cox Art,
           Andrew Noyes

Mr. Kelsey Grammer, Los Angeles
Texas Southern University, Houston
Mr. & Mrs. Bret Baier, Washington, DC
Takanawa Condo, Tokyo
Hale & Dorr Law Firm, Boston
Mr. Fried Lutz, Zimbabwe, Southern Africa
Mr. Celso de Oliveira, Brasilia, Brazil
Ms. Joyce O'Brian, New York City
Artemis, Inc. Bethesda, MD
Joan Brown Interiors, Reva, VA
Heller Ehrman White & McAuliff LLP
Shughart, Thomson & Kelroy Law Firm, Denver
Ms. Kay Kochenderfer, Los Angeles
Mr. Steven Mosely, Washington, DC
Reliance Steele & Aluminum Company, Los Angeles