Juan Esteban Usubillaga

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Juan Esteban Usubillaga
Boulder, Colorado - United States




Juan Esteban Usubillaga Lopez was born on February 19th, 1981 in the city of Medellīn, Colombia, and just months later, moved with his family to Maracay, Venezuela.  When he was 12, he abandoned his academic studies in order to enter the visual Art school of Rafael Monasterio in the city of Maracay, where he took courses in drawing, painting and ceramics.  When he was 15, he returned to his regular studies and received his high school diploma. 
In 1999, his interest in the Visual Arts moved him to study in the Faculty of Arts at the University of the Andes in Merida, Venezuela. 

Juan Esteban finished his studies with honors on the 19th of May in 2006, graduating Cum Laude. 

His first exhibition, "Una Realidad Aparte/A Separate Reality" was the first undergraduate work of its kind to be sponsored by the national committee of Art and Culture of Venezuela. The exhibition took place in February of 2003 at the gallery, "La Otra Banda" in Merida, Venezuela.
In March of 2004, the French Alliance of Merida sponsored and exhibited his graduation thesis project, "Creative Climbing: an interpretation of the relation of mind and body through the non-figurative painting".

In October of 2006, his exhibition, "Dinamica, Misterio y Vida/ Dynamics, Mystery and Life" was presented in the Hotel Porton of Medellin, Colombia.

In May of 2008 at the "Joan of Art" Gallery in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota, he presented "The Jaguar's Way."

This past December, Juan Esteban's piece "Enlightened Mountain" was selected from amongst hundreds of artists to be featured on the cover of Soundings, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra publication.  A number of works were displayed at the Boettcher Concert hall for the months of December and January.

His remaining works are on display at the Riverspointe Spa in downtown Estes Park.


My work is inspired by the way in which the light, the shadows, and the colors of the tropical rain forest are being created and constantly changing; how they appear and disappear within the mist which rises and sinks throughout the mountain and her vegetation. Then the mind's eye explores these contexts and creates new domains, those in which only the imagination is capable of believing. 


American Mountaineering Center, Golden, CO. USA.
Laguna Honda Hospital, San Francisco, CA 
Hotel Porton, Medellin, Colombia.