Joey Freund

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Joey Freund
Denver, Colorado - United States



Joey Freund was born into an artist family. Her parents, Will and Dorothy, are noted artists whose work is displayed in galleries and museums throughout the world. Will and Dorothy resided in Upper Peninsula Michigan and both passed away in 2014.

Ms. Freund grew up in an artist’s studio environment and mastered the skills for crafting jewelry, sculpture, ceramics, and varied art forms. She exhibited a one-woman art show at age 11. Joey was awarded 1st prize in a tri-state art competition held in Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri while still in high school.

Joey has been privileged to live in both cultural and exotic places in the world. She lived in London for five years and Cape Town, South Africa for two. She has also lived in New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, St Louis, and Minneapolis.

Joey was president of the Louisiana Watercolor Society, a member of the Royal Horticulture Society of England, International Women’s Club in Africa, Dallas Symphony, and named the Houston Symphony’s official artist. She is a former member of the Friends of the Minneapolis Institute of Art, was active with the Walker Art Museum, Minnesota Orchestra, Weisman Art Museum, the Russian Art Museum, and currently the Denver Art Museum.

Denver, Colorado is now home. 


Some of my fondest childhood memories are being in my parents art studios, with both of them painting. They did portraits of me from a very young age. I would be painting right along with them… appreciating there great influence, observing the hands of brushstrokes which requires full concentration in order to craft the story in artworks.

My training from a family of wonderful artists, a timeless legacy… featuring paintings that encompasses landscapes, figures, wildlife, etc. Set in both the past and today. I am a global traveler and painted many wonderful places. A collection of memories from around the world.

I’ve taken up residency in Denver, Colorado and will be exploring the mountains, forests, and raging rivers. Now that Denver is my new studio, nature will be my great influence. I’ve spent much of my time painting the outdoors, observing nature. Scenery by far is my greatest influence. Everything fell into place to move to the Great American West. “Into the Western safari, people come from all over the world to experience the grandeur of the American West.

I’m an artist who works in watercolor, acrylics, oils, differing styles, and professionally showing my work for over 40 years.

“Traveling Onward, Keeping My Paint Brushes Wet”