Gus Harper

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Gus Harper
Los Angeles, California - United States




Gus Harper was born and raised in Santa Monica.  Having graduated from U.C. Santa Barbara in 1995 with a degree in Studio Art, Harper began his career as an artist while studying with Rick Stich in Goleta.  For the past eight years, Harper has worked full time as an artist, both in Los Angeles and New York City.  His first solo show was in 2000 at Ground Zero in Marina Del Rey and since then he has shown at Don O'Melveny Gallery, Robert's Art Gallery, Paramount Studios, DFN Gallery and most recently at Robert Bruno Gallery in New Orleans.  Harper maintains a studio at the Santa Monica Airport.

You can also see Gus Harper’s work decorating the sets of such notable programs as Dexter, Modern Family, New Girl, Up All Night, CSI Las Vegas, and Entourage, as well as Disney’s The Muppets.


My art is intended to be a celebration of the beauty of life.  The citrus inspired paintings are from the "Signs Of A Benevolent Universe" series which seeks to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.  By taking everyday subjects, such as citrus, and exaggerating or simplifying the details. scale, and  colors, the viewer may begin to see them in a new light.  Simultaneously, I hope that the deliberate rendering with visible brush strokes will be perceived as a celebration of the creative process, specifically that of a painter.