Dodi Klutznick

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Dodi Klutznick
Boulder, Colorado - United States




The viewing of art can be very emotional for some.  As a painter I am drawn to the mystery of

what texture and color can do.  I can sense the emotion of texture and color as I am

composing a piece.  As I work, my canvas takes on a life of its own and my instincts sometimes

tell me what needs to be done.  For me, this is a very exciting exploration.  My abstract,

sometimes minimalist work, gives me a wonderful sense of freedom allowing me to delve into 

places unknown. 

The allure of ancient places, their colors and textures are the heart of my inspiration. Working 

with a variety of materials such as fabrics, paper, metals, and collected objects, I am able to 

explore the infinite possibilities of the creative process.  The blending of the colors and 

textures with the collage materials creates a passage to another place.  On the other side of 

this passage, I discover new inner resources and strengths that carry me to the next piece. 

The challenge for me is to create a painting that comes from within, to produce something that 

compels the viewer to look closer, to enter a place where things are mysterious and yet 

somehow familiar and inviting. 



Dodi studied drawing and painting as an undergraduate at the University of Colorado in the 

seventies.  She became serious about her art while studying at the Art Students League of 

Denver in the early nineties.  She credits her teacher with encouraging her to experiment out 

of her "safe zone."  As a child, Dodi traveled with her family extensively through Europe and 

also lived in England for several years.  Through her travels over time she became fascinated 

by the textures and colors of the old world and feels that this exposure has influenced her 

art.  For the past ten years Dodi's work has been exhibited in galleries and selected shows 

throughout the Rocky Mountain region.