David D'Agostino

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David D'Agostino
Denver, Colorado - United States




A simple walk in the wilderness both enthralls and terrorizes me. Suddenly, a storm blinds the eyes or crossing iced rivers propels an irreversible slip of bone and muscle. Nature is pain and loneliness. Itís over idealized, violent and always in motion--pivoting a chaos and overwhelming beauty which we rarely chose to grasp.

D'Agostino works with a variety of intermedia, including painting, installation, video, and photography. Often applying the principles of Fluxus, he explores the liminal space that exists between the natural landscape and humankind's desire to manipulate and redefine it. He has exhibited at the Akhnaton Gallery (Cairo, Egypt); Atlanta Contemporary Art Center (Atlanta); XXL Gallery (Sofia, Bulgaria); Townhouse Gallery (Cairo); MCAD/Museum of Contemporary Art Denver; City Gallery (Bucharest, Romania); Center de Design l'UQAM (Montreal), Redline (Denver), Skopje Cultural Center (Skopje, Macadonia), Krause Gallery (Atlanta); Art Aqua (Miami); Black Sea Archeological Museum (Varna); Hause E (Ludwigshafen, Germany); MOXY (New Orleans); Galeria Debla (Granada, Spain), Greg Moon Gallery (Taos, New Mexico), Poem 88 Gallery (Atlanta), EDGE Gallery (Denver), among others. He will be participating this summer in the upcoming Biennial of the Americas, and exhibits at Artwork Network and Lane Meyer Projects in Denver.