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Please complete the application to the best of your ability.  Our goal is simply to get an understanding of your artwork, process, and goals.
We accept artists based on quality, consistency, originality, professionalism of your work, and upon your understanding of our membership program.

You will be notified regarding your application within 5 business days. Upon acceptance, we will email you our Membership Agreement, where you will be able to choose your desired Membership Level. We will then provide a "Checklist and Guide" with pertinent information about your new Artist Membership at Artwork Network.

If you have any questions, please call us at 303.388.7420 or email support(at)




Please email 5 .JPEG samples of your artwork to:
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Do you have digital photographs of all your work?


Is your work all original, or do you also sell reproductions?


If you sell reproductions, please explain your process.



Where have you sold artwork?
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To whom have you sold artwork?
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How much was your most recent sale?

How many pieces have you sold in the last year?
How much was your revenue?


List some exhibitions or art festivals (include when/where) you have been a part of.



Please fill out this section as best you can. Artwork Network works with all levels of artists!

What actions are you currently taking to acquire new clients? How successful are these actions?


What marketing challenges are you experiencing?


What joint marketing activities have you engaged in with other businesses? Which businesses? What were the results?


What challenges are you having in closing the deal on a sale?


How do you see Artwork Network helping you achieve your goals?
What are your expectations of Artist Membership?


Over the next three years, what challenges, obstacles, barriers, or fears need to be overcome or eliminated to make sure you have positive progress?







Questions for us?


How did you hear about us?


What is Artist Membership?

Artwork Network’s Artist Membership Program is an online catalog of vetted artists creating another channel of exposure and opportunities for artists of all levels.

How We're Different

We Look for Buyers
Through extensive marketing, Artwork Network searches for and assists collectors (including designers, individuals, and business owners) in their search for art.  Using our vetted selection of artists and our online catalog, we can find the perfect art for the client's project.

A One Stop Shop
We offer a complete toolbox to manage your catalog of artwork AND market your efforts. Artwork Network manages all of the content and offers an instant international audience with 100,000+ page views a month, 17,000+ e-newsletter subscribers and 3,500+ Facebook fans.

It's All in the Details
We take the time to enter meta keywords and descriptions with every color, subject, style, and media contained in each piece of your artwork.  This makes your work not only extremely searchable on Artwork Network, but also on Google and other online search engines.

A Strategic Partnership
Artwork Network wants to help you be successful! We are actual people who are here to answer questions and provide feedback.

Commission Structure

Artwork Network's commission is 45% for any online sale we are automatically involved in, or any sale you ask us to handle.  Any piece WE sell from our consulting efforts is subject to a higher commission.  Any sales YOU handle from web leads given to you through Artwork Network, or from your own clients is not subject to ANY commission.

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