Allen Thornton

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Allen Thornton
Castle Rock, Colorado - United States




As an outdoor photographer, I believe the appreciation and the enjoyment of outdoor photography can lead to a respect and love for nature and in turn this can lead to conservation and protection of the natural world and the wildlife that lives within it.  My goal as a photographer is to build on this belief with each image.  My images are not intended just as an historical record of what used to be, but as a constant reminder of what must be valued and protected today.


When Allen left his job as a corporate VP to become an outdoor photographer, many questioned his sanity.  Some said it was just a mid-life crisis or some type of second childhood, but Allen has no regrets, moving to Colorado in 1997 opened a new door for me.  I never feel more alive then when I am standing on a Colorado mountain top greeting the sunrise and watching mountain goats play in the boulder fields.

Allen Thornton is a photographer, writer and outdoors man, living in Castle Rock, Colorado.  Allen's photography is an art form that allows him to express both his passion for the outdoors and his creative talents.   Allen's work has appeared in Popular Photography, Colorado Outdoors, Mountain Living, American Angler, and Southwest Fly-Fishing along with other magazines and books.  He is currently represented by a number of international stock image agencies plus a number of art galleries in Colorado and LA.  In 2006 and 2007, Allen worked as a guest photography instructor with the Grand Canyon Field Institute in Arizona.

Even after thousands of hours in the field, the studio and dark-room, Allen is even more driven than ever to capture natures grandest images.  Although Allen's works includes many photographic categories, including both corporate and editorial work, the vast majority of his portfolio remains focused on outdoor landscapes, wildlife and his second passion, fly-fishing.


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